At Aarmando, we believe, behind every successful business is a great accounting team.

When businesses are provided with timely and accurate information, successful strategies and proper management decisions can be taken by different stakeholders.
We offer two types of solutions:
In-house solutions:
Feed us with the relevant information and our team performs the book-keeping, accounting and necessary filings with the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA).
Back-office solutions:
Skip the recruitment hassle! We send our experts to you!
With this pragmatic approach of outsourcing the accounting department, you can be relieved of the whole recruitment process. We send our experts to work with you either on full-time or part-time, choice is yours.

We make sure that your business has a proper bookkeeping.
Financial statements are prepared under the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) guidelines.
From basic bookkeeping to solving complex financials situations:

  • Arrangement for payment of invoices upon receipt of all supporting evidence and preparation of cash-flow forecasts.
  • A Recovery team with an accounts receivable officer who will chase debtors as per the ageing of debtors.
  • Management Accounting performed on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • An accounting officer engaged in carrying stock-counts where required.
  • Bookkeeping of all details provided to the accountant in charge, through accounting systems such as “QuickBooks” and Sage Pastel using accounting standards such as IAS and IFRS
  • Analysis of accounts and preparation of Financial Statements (including Profit/Loss statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow) by a qualified accountant.


Back Office
Running a business demands more devotion to time and energy and require constant monitoring. Aarmando Group Ltd aims at simplifying this process for you. More than creating, we BECOME the accounting system for your company and allow you to focus on your core business activities.
With Aarmando Back-office solutions you can now outsource your accounting department instead of directly employing staffs to run the department.
Benefits of choosing this service:

  • cost-effective
  • less stressful (since you won’t need to worry about accounting staff turnover.
  • benefit from a wider range of expertise and knowledge from our professional team.

Our staff are culturally versatile and trained for consultancy. Hence, you can be sure they will adapt to your organisational culture.
They will also bring a new breath to the company by highlighting inefficiencies happening in the operation of company to the management. We also monitor some KPI to ensure that you company achieve its goal congruence

Electronic Book-keeping, access your data, anywhere, anytime

We have designed a system allowing each company to capture their source data and perform the following services:

  • Invoicing
  • Preparing statement of account
  • Keeping track of invoices for every purchase made
  • Monitoring the sales and performance target
  • Extracting ageing of debtors and creditors
  • Recording and monitoring stock
  • VAT report

Benefits of choosing this service:

  • This is highly advantageous for your enterprise as you can access your data everywhere.
  • Moreover, there is online cloud storage which allows protection of your data by safeguarding them on international data servers.
  • With this support, we will be able to maintain your accounts electronically, reconcile your bank statements and generate financial statement of your enterprise right from our office. This will ensure that you will need fewer employees in your office and you will be able to focus more your income generation of your company.

We tailor our approach in convenience to the size and nature of our clients’ businesses.

Statutory fillings and reporting are mandatory submissions of financial and non-financial information to the local government. With the ever-changing tax regulations, corporate businesses or individuals might face so difficulties to properly file their annual tax returns.
The Aarmando team ensures that all the statutory documents are always up to date by providing a practical and efficient solution to your tax related needs, including the Corporate Tax and VAT returns.
We also help you in the preparation of all the statutory requirements such as:

  • National Pension Fund return
  • Pay As You Earn return
  • Current Payment System
  • Contribution Sociale Généralisée
  • Tax Deducted at Source return
  • Statement of Emoluments
  • Statement of Goods and Services
  • Advance Payment System return
  • CSR computation
  • MRA assistance in relation to queries
  • Assessments and filing of these returns accordingly with the necessary statutory body.


At Aarmando Group Ltd, we are conscious of the fact that the business environment is becoming more dynamic and competitive with every passing day and that some businesses find it difficult to grow sustainably.

Our team of advisory experts work on an individualized approach in tackling respective needs of clients by designing strategic plans and devising problem solving equations to ensure that our clients are able to catch up business opportunities and enjoying competitive advantage in their respective business environments.

Mergers & Acquisition [M&A]

Aarmando Group Ltd possesses the necessary ability and experience to help your business in its expanding process via an acquisition and mergers.
It is important that you are well guided in this challenging phase of business so as to be certain that your transaction is value for money and that you are able to meet your strategic objectives and hence a mergers and acquisitions team will guide you on the following:

  • Advice from industry experts
  • Identify the necessary knowledge and skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge throughout process
  • Revaluation of your business to secure maximum market value by industry experts for the sale of your business


Due diligence is a matter that should be viewed on a full scale so as to make sure that the business is functioning correctly by considering the business environment as a whole. We are determined in helping our clients to make a value for money investment decision. We are also in a position to provide our clients with a full-bodied financial due diligence services that meet their requirements as an acquirer and also appropriate for their investors. Our responsibility as advisors are to provide a deep and clear understanding of the business to our clients based on our point of view and facts.
A due diligence process can provide information on numerous factors namely:

  • A full due diligence process before acquisition or mergers
  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Strategic fit due diligence to see whether the target company fits in the overall strategic plan of the acquirer
  • Assessment of the risks and opportunities in a potential transactionConducting a comprehensive legal situation of the target company
  • Conducting a comprehensive legal situation of the target company
  • Review of completion accounts

Business Restructuring

A business can be driven by a need for change in the organizational structure or business model of a company, or it can be driven by the necessity to make financial adjustments to its assets and liabilities. It is important that to understand why the business is under-performing and why they are in distressed business circumstances. Our team of expert will give the necessary advice at an earlier stage for a suitable turnaround strategy. At Aarmando Group Ltd, we guide companies in implementing their company restructuring as per their requirements.
Companies restructure for a variety of reasons:
A due diligence process can provide information on numerous factors namely:

  • To reduce costs
  • To incorporate new technology
  • To make better use of talents
  • To improve competitive advantage
  • To spin off a subsidiary company
  • To merge with another company
  • To decrease or consolidate debt

Business Recovery & Insolvency

Your business is underperforming and in financial distress and you foresee the possibility of insolvency or liquidation, our Business Recovery & insolvency service is exactly what you need!
Our business recovery professional works with your company to return it to a stable financial situation and allow it to continue trading.
It is always critical to have the right advisors at times of insolvencies. Aarmando Group Ltd associate itself with concerned stakeholders to come up with the most efficient solutions in preserving the value of their assets, protect creditors, and defend the interest of the employees whilst adhering to the Insolvency Act.
Our business recovery professionals have the expertise in handling complexity and financially distressed situations.
In the case of insolvency, our professionals can also act as administrators. Administrators have specific responsibilities to creditors, and in the first instance will take control of the company with a view to business rescue. Their role is to realise the highest returns for all creditors if it is not possible to turnaround the business. If this also fails, they must attempt to achieve a better result for creditors than if the company had been liquidated

Aarmando group provides their clients with a variety of services related to business's payroll needs.

Our payroll services are set to meet every obligation in a cost-effective manner. These involve preparing the salary sheet for all the employees of our clients, processing employee hours, cutting checks, directly depositing funds, processing of salaries, issuing of pay slips as well as sending monthly returns namely NPF, PAYE and CSG to concern statutory authorities. The payroll office will be in charge to calculate all the payroll figure as per all the prevailing Mauritian Laws. As such, we ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time, every time.

Aarmando Group Ltd acts as a facilitator for those who want to set up a business in Mauritius.

We can assist you in the application for trade license, occupational permits (OP) and liaise with all licensing authorities including the Economic Development Board (EDB) and Tourism Authority and other local authorities.
Trade License
It is mandatory to have trade license in all countries which also includes Mauritius, which is issued by Registrar of Companies. We also ensure that the applicant receive
tax account number and/or the VAT number which is issued by Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA).
Occupation Permit
The occupational permit (OP) is a combined work and residence permit which allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Mauritius under 3 specific categories namely:

  • Investors
  • Professional
  • Self-Employed

Aarmando provides you with a yearly audit review to make sure your business is in compliance with the AML/CFT laws.

As per the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Regulation Act (FIAMLA 2018), an external auditor is required to review the business process against the regulations of the Act.
Aarmando Group provides the independent audit review on a yearly basis for any type of business structure and will help to assess that laws, rules, and regulations or internal guidelines are followed by the organisation.
Other than to become compliant with Regulatory body, this exercise will help the organization to combat money laundering and terrorism financing threats. Moreover, it will help to recognise deficiencies in regulatory compliance systems and therefore develop solution to become compliant.
Other services:

  • Advice on the AML/CFT requirements with the laws in Mauritius
  • Risk Assessment Consulting
  • Design your Compliance manual
  • Know Your Customer Consulting and Enhanced Due Diligence exercise
  • Frameworks to be developed internally to detect suspicious transactions and beneficial owners

Aarmando upgrades your marketing game to increase your business’ visibility!

Today, in the era of internet and high tech, the concept of marketing has taken another dimension. Marketing facilitates two-way interactive communication
between organizations and customers through search engines and social media platforms, emails and content strategies.
Our Services:

  • Marketing & Market Research
  • Corporate Identity / Branding development
  • Website solutions for your business
  • Mobile applications
  • Social media presence
  • Digital Marketing services

With the proper marketing tools, your business can grow by gaining more market shares.

We help you get all techy to be more competitive!

When we have visited several offices, we have noted that businesses do not have the up-to-date software and hardware environment as they are too costly or that they have not obtained proper services from previous IT experts.
In this era of technology, it is important to get the right IT environment for your businesses. Today, the government as well as businesses have introduced the Work from Home schemes which imply that the employees should have the right infrastructure at home so that they are still dynamic as they are in the office. It is also important to ensure data safety and confidentiality when implementing this scheme.
Aarmando sets you up with the right IT professional to redesign your software and hardware infrastructure.
Our IT experts can provide you with high reliability and low-cost solutions for your enterprise and other services includes:

  • Cloud storage system and proper server environment
  • Multi-user systems
  • Up-to-date IT environment
  • Invoicing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable system
  • Inventory Management system


We believe in unlocking your potential on all levels, so why not start from trainings?

From basic to advanced courses, seminars and workshops, Aarmando Group can offer training and education to young professionals in private and public sector and continuous professional development. We have a list of professional tutors and professors whereby they hold training and other motivational courses. Most of the courses are HRDC refundable.

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