Welcome to the Aarmando Group

The origin

When E = mc2 is applied to the business world

Our E-shape logo has been derived from Albert’s Equation of the law of universe representing the total energy of the system achieved from synergy among our employees. This is equated to the name ‘Aarmando’ which has an Italian origin implying soldiers.

Who we are

We are a chartered certified accounting and business advisory firm delivering professional pragmatic solutions to our clients. We specialize in designing back-office solutions for any size of business. Aarmando is a business turnkey solutions provider, a one-stop shop for businesses. Our existing client base spans across multiple countries such as South Africa, Czech Republic, UK, China and Turkey. Irrespective of the business size and business location, we focus on our core principles: Trust, Integrity, Professionalism and Long-Term Commitments.

What do we do

With the wide range of Expertise, Experience and Excellent track records of our partners and a workforce of more than 20 employees; consisting of chartered accountants, business advisors, legal advisors and tax practitioners, Aarmando is dedicated and committed in providing highly professional services to our clients ranging from Small Medium Enterprise (SME) to large multinational and Smart cities. Our professional services include accounting and electronic bookkeeping services, business advisory, tax planning, payroll and other business development services.

Accounting & Back-office solutions

With our in-house or back-office solutions, we create and become your accounting department!

Business Advisory & Consultancy

We think, strategize and provide you with the best solutions to remain ahead of competition! From carrying out your due diligence to facilitating a merger & acquisition.

Electronic Book-keeping Services

We make it possible for you to access YOUR data, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

Tax & Statutory filings

We tailor our approach in convenience to the size and nature of our clients’ businesses.


What Is Said About Us

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